1. How does ellura work?

    The Mechanism of Action (MOA) of ellura is bacterial Anti-Adhesion Activity (AAA). The active ingredient in ellura, Type-A Proanthocyanidins or PAC, prevents bacteria from adhering to the urinary tract.

  2. Does ellura only prevent UTIs caused by E-coli?

    No, ellura will help prevent the adherence of any UTI-causing bacteria that exhibit P-fimbriae.

  3. What makes ellura different than other 36 mg PAC products?

    The proven medical grade formula of ellura sets it apart. ellura contains 36 mg of soluble Type-A PACDMAC/A2  sourced from pure cranberry juice concentrate, allowing for maximum bioactivity and the highest level of AAA. Other products are made from whole fruit or press cake (skins/seed/stems) which have insoluble PAC creating minimal bioavailability and AAA.

  4. What is the dosing for ellura?

    Patients should take 1 capsule of ellura once daily with water at about the same time each day. They may take ellura with or without food. For times when patients are at increased risk or have symptoms that indicate they’re developing a UTI, they should take 2 capsules at the same time daily for 2 days, then return to their regular one a day routine.

    For patients suffering from postcoital UTIs, they should take 2 capsules of ellura before or immediately after sex and then 2 the following day (4 capsules total).

  5. How long does my patient need to be taking ellura before they notice the benefits?

    ellura begins working within hours of taking a single capsule.¹ It’s important to take ellura at about the same time every day as it works on a 24-hour protection cycle.

  6. Should ellura be taken with antibiotics?

    Daily antibiotics should be prescribed to treat an active infection. Your patients can take ellura with the antibiotic until the infection clears and then continue taking ellura once daily to continuously flush out bacteria that could lead to another UTI.

  7. What is the cost of ellura?

    The average cost of ellura is $40.00 a month.

  8. Do you offer any discounts for my patients?
    • Your patients receive a discount on their first 30-count bottle of ellura with your medical recommendation.
    • We offer discounts for enrolling in auto-ship.
    • When your patients buy a larger quantity of ellura, the price per month drops.
    • Rewards program – to thank our loyal customers. Your patients earn points for their repeat purchases. So typically, after a 6-month supply or less they receive $20 off a future order.
    • Standard shipping is always free.

    For the best experience your patients can call ellura Customer Care at 877.421.7160 to discuss pricing.

  9. Does ellura interact with Warfarin?

    No conclusive contraindications have been reported between ellura and Warfarin.

    The vitamin K content of cranberry, like that of many other foods, has been suspected to inhibit the enzyme responsible for the metabolism of Warfarin. This inhibition could increase Warfarin levels in the blood.

    Through the manufacturing process of ellura the majority of vitamin K is left behind and therefore should not interact with Warfarin.

  10. Does ellura have side effects?

    ellura is naturally sourced and has no known side effects. Of course, if a patient is allergic to the ingredients found in ellura or has a red fruit allergy this should be taken into consideration.

  11. How do my patients order ellura?

    ellura is a medical-grade non-prescription supplement sold only online at  www.ellura.com, by calling 1.877.421.7160 or you can refer them by completing the form at https://hcp.solvwellness.com/patient-referral-form/.


1. Amy B. Howell, Henry Botto et al. BMC Infectious Diseases 2010, 10:94.